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The M.I.L.F

Introducing the M.I.L.F. The name is an acronym for the 4 design parameters that lead to its creation:

  • M  modern
  • I   inspirational
  • L  lighweight
  • F  familiar

This amplifier is  designed to accept pedals like no other amp (this is the "modern" aspect ). It is designed to react to finger/pick attack (this is the "inspirational" aspect). It is designed to be lightweight,  possessing the best pound/watt ration in the industry. Finally, this amp is designed to be famiiar as there are aspects of classic amps both in feel, tone and growl.

Some have assumed the "other" meaning of "M.I.L.F" to be the derivation of the amp's name (users readily describe it as "old school" and it "rocks"). However, the name was chosen as an  abbreviaton of  4 the stated conceptual parameters.

 THE M.I.L.F in action:


Milt Reder (A7)                              Curt Florczk (A7)         Mike Campbell (borrowed A7 and ES335 while sitting in with bearly dead in Boston)


M.I.L.F L6


One of two M.I.L.F models

-The L6 is 6L6 powered with an output that can be switched between 18 and 47 watts.

-The L6 comes in heavier at 28lbs as it is supported by a ceramic Jensen C12N. 

-Includes the very simple Volume, Tone, Bass interface. In addition to an output switch, the L6 includes a US/UK switch

   ~The US/UK switch is pretty obvious: it changes attack and articulation to more match historic American and British amps

-Has solid state rectifier and utilize two preamp tubes.  The L6 utilizes an ECC83 and 12AY7. 

-Has 4-8-16 outputs. So they can be utilized as heads once the combo speaker is unplugged. The L6 has the unique ability to be loaded more like a traditional tweed model by switching to the next jack down (for example plugging an 8 ohm speaker into the 4 ohm jack.

- Produced in fall months prior to christmas

M.I.L.F A7

One of two M.I.L.F models

-The A7 is EL 34 powered with an output that can be switched between 60 and 30 watts.

-The A7 is a powerful  and lightweight at 23lbs. It is supported by a Jensen Neo Tornado.

-Includes the very simple Volume, Tone, Bass interface. The A7 includes a SC/HB and mid boost switches.

   ~The SC/HB switch changes the preamp sensitivity to better match single coil and humbucking pickups. But don’t be afraid  to break the rules!!!

-Has solid state rectifier and utilizes two preamp tubes. The A7 utilizes dual ECC83’s. Other preamp -type tubes may be readily substituted. 

-Has 4-8-16 outputs which can be utilized as heads once the combo speaker is unplugged.

-6 produced in the spring and summer months


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